Bringing a sincere perspective & consistent experience!

photographer of elopements & intimate weddings

No matter how or where you express your love, I'm there for you.
Cuddle on the couch and binge watch your favorite tv show? I'M THERE.
Hike to a mountain top and explore? I'M THERE! (and probably seeing how close to the edge I can get)
Quiet and romantic? Sassy and sarcastic? Silly and goofy? YASSS PLZ!

I'll gladly step up and pose the formal portraits mom wants.
I'll step back and capture the magic as you two love on each other.
"Picture perfect" is overrated. I'm here for the real shit.
I'm here to cultivate the genuine laughter and heartfelt smiles you share with the love of your life.

"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." - Parks & Rec

Let me tell you, I work my WHOLE ass off. I'm not just a wallflower. I'm a hustler.  
Giving you the absolute best of myself and my art is #1 priority. 

You'll always get honest answers, quick photo turn-around and slightly obsessive love for your "how we met" story from me. My aim is to not only be your wedding photographer... but also your support system and friend.

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