“I don’t know how many years on this Earth I got left. I’m gonna get real weird with it.”
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Before getting into the nitty gritty of things, here's my "motto".
Be your weird, wonderful self.
My goal is not to capture perfect, curated moments.
I want the real, the raw, the honest.
Because life is short and I aim to always live in the moment.


Thank you to Forest & Fog for my photo above. xx

Hey! I'm Lotus!

When I'm not running my business or photographing cute lovers - you can find me doing yoga on the beach!
Or maybeeeee you'll find me eating cheese-itz in bed while reading yet another hippie self help book. ;)
I have a thing for learning about cults, conspiracy theories and personality types.

I've been married to my twin flame Gypsy for three years.
Without him I'd starve (he's an AMAZING cook and I suck besides turning on the oven).
Lately we've been binge watching The Office, South Park & It's Always Sunny!

here's a few things i truly love:

Humans who are unapologetically themselves. Binge watching comedies while editing.
Spaghetti. My LGBTQ community. Tree huggers. Trees that get hugged.
A perfectly sweet sweet tea. Snowy mountains and a season ski pass. Self love.
Couples who are down with the non-traditional. Journals, pens and all things organization.

what i bring to the table:

A calming presence ready to tackle any anxious family member or impossible situation.
Inclusive, open-minded viewpoint. Ride-or-die support for your love, your life, your story.