Michelle & Matt // Downtown Adventures // Greensboro, North Carolina Photographer

My obsession with this couple is pretty obvious because I seriously cannot stop falling in love with these images!

Images are just that - an image. Until you put two people in the frame who love each other. Then it becomes a memory, a feeling. And guys - these lovers have me gushing.

I love my job, that is all.


Elizabeth Lotus

Cassidy & James // Engagement Session // North Carolina Wedding Photographer

"Elizabeth is such a loving, ambitious, passionate person and she puts 110% of these attributes into her work. Elizabeth is as good as it freakin gets! I spent a long time researching wedding photographers in my area and was hit hard by her work, she automatically went to the top of my list and we are so happy that she could shoot our wedding. After having the opportunity to meet, it was clear how her personality and passion matched her crazy amazing talent, guys she is a force! On our big day She focused, professional and attentive behind the lens and so much fun during all the bits in between. Group shots were super smooth and efficient, then individual shots with my husband were just a blast. Through out the course of day Elizabeth continued to bring a thirst and enthusiasm for capturing our wedding and what made that day so special for us, i know those images will be personal and we cant wait to see them ALL. Photography was a big part of the day for us and having the talent and personality of Elizabeth entrusted with that responsibility was a dream. Thanks Lotus Artistry (can't wait for the birth of our first baby now to share with you)"

- Cassidy


"This girl is crazy talented, sweet, loving and passionate!!! She put every ounce of these attributes into her work and our experience with her was phenomenal! We have so many beautiful memories and moments captured of our special day to cherish forever. I love her style, ambition and extraordinary skill. She is an amazing person inside and out and such a joy to work with. We absolutely couldn't have picked a better photographer!!!"

- James

Jordan & Paul // engagement session // north carolina & colorado wedding photographer

"I fell in love with Elizabeth's work long before I even got to meet her. She had done some photos for a friend of mine and I was just blown away by the angles, the moods, the contrasts in colors. Every picture told a different story. So naturally when it came time for my engagement photos I knew I needed to get in touch. From the first meeting to the engagement photos to our wedding photos, Elizabeth has always been accommodating, kind, fun, and sincere. For a couple that is not fond of a camera, she certainly works wonders! Her positive vibes and impeccable eye for detail will make you in awe of each session. The day of our wedding she kept in contact with me from morning to night, constantly rolling with the beat, and focused not only on taking the pictures but making sure I was okay throughout the entire day. I've been married for four days and the handful of photos that she has sent me so far are incredible! I ugly cried for a good 10 minutes y'all. Needless to say I feel like I've gained quite a talented friend and I can't wait to take more photos in the future with her! Thank you Elizabeth for being the badass you are, you're moving mountains my dear!"

- Jordan

Elizabeth & Andrew // New Year's Eve Intimate Woodland Wedding // DGDC Downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina // Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Andrew and Elizabeth's wedding touched my heart in so many ways. 

Bringing together 20 of their closest family and friends around one table they celebrated their love. The tears were flowing throughout the room as they shared vows and made their union official. Everyone in the room had so much love and support for the newly weds. I swear Elizabeth never stopped smiling all day and she's a barefoot babe (woman after my own heart!). ;)

Intimate weddings will forever have my heart. I'm not simply a photographer when intimacy and close-knit experiences are priority. I sat at the table and ate dinner with my couple, their family and got to know them. We all stayed in one small room throughout the day and it never felt awkward as they all brought me in as one of the family. 

The experience of someone being vulnerable enough to let me photograph these moments is really special. I can't think of a better way to end 2017!